Thank you 2020 – it was not great, but we learned a lot.

Thank you for your trust and partnership in 2020 – together we look forward to exploring new ways in 2021.

In many small growth businesses, changes in the surrounding community were hurtful in 2020, and new and different business offerings were necessary to implement before the bank account emptied out. The government and the EU help packages focused on companies with a reduction in turnover where employees could be sent home and did not match the growth company’s needs. Growth companies often have high labor and development costs and a projection of increasing earnings. If the employees are sent home, the company collapses and dies. GlycoSpot is no exception and in connection with the closing of borders and lockdown of our partners, external tests in the development collaborations came to a complete stop.

"If the mountain does not come to Mohammed, Mohammed must come to the mountain" as described by Francis Bacon in 1625 also applies today. The development of products at GlycoSpot always rests on the principle that there must be at least one end-user involved in the development process. Testing of products must be done as close to the customer as possible in the natural environment. Without travel opportunities and with customers working from home, one of the important building blocks of the GlycoSpot development process disappeared overnight, and then what do you do?

At GlycoSpot we got the idea to simulate customer environmental conditions in our own lab to the best of our ability, and invite test partners to join us via video link. Of course, it will never be the same as standing side by side, having the material in your own hands, but it secures momentum and reduces the delay in the ongoing development projects.

During the crisis, several companies experienced reduced access or being completely shut out of their laboratories. Food manufacturing companies depend on measuring activity in various raw materials before, during, and after the completion of the finished products. The shutdown has thus increased the demand for enzymatic tests at external laboratories, and at GlycoSpot we have been fortunate to maintain operation and the ability to help several of our customers. Here, too, we compromise our normal business model, where under normal circumstances we advise the customer on how best to test themselves in the immediate vicinity of the production line.



Being able to test enzyme activity here and now close to production, tests performed by the employees working in production, combined with routine remote testing have come to stay. At GlycoSpot, we are ready to advise companies on enzymatic tests and how they can be fitted directly into the production line.

Thank you for your trust and partnership in 2020 – together we look forward to exploring new ways in 2021.


by Thomas Lacentra





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