The world need enzymes to reduce carbon footprint

People need food. People need water. It’s that fundamental. But food and beverage is also multifaceted. The shapes, tastes, textures and flavors are endless and food and beverages not only sustain lives but also enrich lives across the globe.

The global demand for food and beverage is rising and the climate is changing. Along with that, food production is changing as we move away from polluting and resource-depleting manufacturing processes to renewable and bio-based processes.

This future world needs enzymes to reduce carbon footprints while driving production costs down and the quality up.

We help companies create better and more sustainable food and beverage products by analysing enzymes before, during and after production in the fastest and easiest way.

We work with our customers to optimize production processes to improve yield, quality and product release.

Our key expertise is the ability to develop enzyme analyses from any natural or synthetic substrate and turn it into easy-to-use analyses for anyone, anywhere.

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Take a closer look on OUR solution for


Take a closer look on OUR solution for


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