Consumers, veterinarians and farmers all share an interest in healthier farm animals

To provide for animals, people and the planet sustainably, we need to find new solutions — innovative, science-based solutions to safeguard our environment for generations to come.

Sustainable animal farming is the least we can expect. Sustainable for the animals, ourselves, our planet but also for people basing their income on farming. With an ever-growing population, science and innovation is needed to drive the change and secure a better future. Enzymes are fundamental for ensuring efficient conversion of feed nutrients and help secure more sustainable animal production.

Today a multitude of enzymes are offered to the animal feed industry to secure health and nutrition. Some of these improve the utilization of carbohydrates while others improve digestion or increase natural phosphorus availability.

The main feed enzymes in the market are phytases, xylanases and Beta-glucanases (cellulases). Nevertheless, other enzymes, such as mannanases, alpha-galactosidases, pectinases, amylases and proteases, are increasing in use.

But how do you determine how well these enzymes really work? We can help you measure your critical enzymes such as phytases on the farm, in the feed, driving cost optimization and securing animal welfare.

Our key expertise is the ability to develop enzyme analyses from any natural or synthetic substrate and turn it into easy-to-use analyses for anyone, anywhere.

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