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Fast to implement, easy to use!

GlycoSpot is passionate about creating better and more sustainable food and beverage products across the world by making enzyme analysis easy and available to companies of all sizes. That’s why we invented portable enzyme test-methods.

We believe that providing application-specific test methods will be a significant game-changer wherever enzymes are applied – From farm to fork.


The core of our technology

The SIRIUS is purpose built, hardly occupies any space and can easily be moved around. Sirius connects via Bluetooth to any smart device and measures in the visible light spectrum from 400 to 700 nm. Across our different test methods, the SIRIUS stays the same.


SIRIUS spectrophotometer
Management of large brewery


We work with companies all the way from from farm to fork.​

We are helping breweries, malthouses, dairies and other food-producers so they can focus on raising sustainability, save time and lower their costs at the same time.


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