Let us explain how

GlycoSpot is a Danish biotechnology company that develops application specific enzyme test methods that are fast to implement and easy to use. We help companies of all sizes to create better and more sustainable food & beverage products by transforming the way they work with enzymes.

This is possible thanks to our GlycoSpot Platform that is designed to make complex analysis faster and much simpler. No lab training is required to perform our high accuracy assays. We offer hassle-free solutions and deliver everything needed to run a test straight from the box. This is what we call the MINI-LAB by GlycoSpot Platform.

The MINI-LAB consists of an all-Inclusive lab-equipment tech-case, that in combination with our application specific Test-Kits, enables enzyme analyses, fast and easy anywhere by anyone.

Meet Our Team

About GlycoSpot Michael Stanley Pedersen
Michael Stanley Pedersen

Chief Executive Officer

About GlycoSpot Ronnie Geyer Chmura
Ronnie Geyer Chmura

Chief Commercial Officer

About GlycoSpot Chris Juul Hedegaard
Chris Juul Hedegaard

R&D Product Manager & Senior Scientist

About GlycoSpot Vibeke Wurth Jurgensen
Vibeke Würtz Jürgensen

R&D Product Manager & Senior Scientist

About GlycoSpot Jesse Ronquillo
Jesse Ronquillo

Commercial Director Europe

About GlycoSpot Palle Hansen
Palle Hansen

Sales Coordinator

About GlycoSpot Nicklas Andersen
Nicklas Andersen

System Developer & Apps

Maryana Adnan Dhaka About GlycoSpot
Maryana Adnan Dhaka

Laboratory, QC & Production

Our why

GlycoSpot was founded based on recognizing the “Lab-free” gap in the market. There is a need for mobile, fast and easy analysis – before, during and after the production process.

A solution that gives a result faster than sending a sample to the internal or external laboratory, with the expected hours or even days to get the needed result.


The back-bone and skills of our team have +100 years of experience in areas like:

  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Biotechnology
  • Enzymes
  • Ingredience
  • Research & development

These areas combined makes us able to deliver upon our customers needs.


We are passionate about helping our customers, creating better and more sustainable food and feed products.

We are passioned to deliver high level of customer service by understanding our customers true pain when needing a fast, easy and accurate result of the analysis we provide.


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Our Mission

We innovate and market application-specific enzyme test methods that are fast to implement and easy to use​

Our Vision

Become the leader within portable enzyme analysis