What is malt? And why are amylases so important?

Why it is critical to control the amylase activity in malt

Take you favorite beer, bread or malted milk and watch this educational video published recently by Youtuber and journalist Adam Ragusea.  Adam explains very well the concept of malting with good scientific support from professor Nathan Duncan from Maryville College.

We are introduced to the process of malting, which is, putting it simple: “any cereal grain that has been allowed to germinate to sprout”. On a molecular level in the grain kernel, some of the main roles are played by the important enzymes called amylases.

The starch degrading amylases are the main and most important enzymes that are developed during the malting process. Malt is a major raw material for beer production all around the globe. Being a biological material, the amylase activity in the malt will fluctuate from harvest to harvest, season to season, between different suppliers and over time in the same batch.

It is critical to control the alpha amylase activity in malt as this determines the mashing outcome at breweries and distilleries. Malt houses often provide malt with different enzyme activities that enable different brewing results. GlycoSpot amylase tests are making their way to malt suppliers, distilleries and breweries, to get a precise determination of the alpha and beta amylase activity.
You can read more on the benefits of using GlycoSpot’s test methods for Malthouse, Brewery and Distillery by accessing the menu or by browsing the brochures below:

Being able to measure the amylase activity with an easy test kit could help both malt houses and breweries to optimize raw material handling as intake control and QC tool. Click here for the tutorial and protocol!
GlycoSpot has developed several test kits to examine amylase activity in malt and in the mashing step of brewing. Reach out if you want to hear more or submit your request for the 14-day free trial. Free shipping worldwide!


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