Industries, such as energy, pharma, food and feed, are increasingly researching enzymes to solve production and product issue. Correct and adequate information on enzymes activity helps industries avoid prolonged production times, reduce waste, improve end-products, prolong shelf-life, and save costs for overtreatment. In short: save money and increase profits.

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Enzymes & Ingredients

Solutions Provided

  • High-throughput assessment of multiple substrates simultaneously.
  • Quick information showing enzyme properties.
  • Your own enzymes tested on your own material - in an easy assay format.
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Biomass Energy

Solutions Provided

  • Microbial culture discovery & enzyme cocktail selection
  • Raw material composition variation assessment & pretreatment efficiency evaluation
  • Recycled enzyme recovery evaluation
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Food & Beverage Industries

Solutions Provided

  • Enzyme activity quantification in raw material
  • Measurements for improvement of shelf-life and increase of production yield
  • Control of processing aids towards clean label products
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Cosmetics & Detergents

Solutions Provided

  • Instant high-throughput screening kit ready to use
  • Enzyme washout assurance
  • Quick information showing enzyme activity on your own model stains
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Feed & Agriculture

Solutions Provided

  • Tailor manufactured substrates based on raw material for feed.
  • Special assays bases on animal feces for nutrition efficiency
  • Rapid information showing enzyme accessibility and activity
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Research Institutions

Solutions Provided

  • Cost and time effective enzyme research and development
  • High-throughput routine enzyme screening
  • Custom substrate synthesis and assay development

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