Waste to Energy!

25th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition in Stockholm

Enzymes are indispensable in bioethanol production and constitute a major cost. Especially in 2G bioethanol, where sugars readily available for fermentation into ethanol are scarce and recalcitrant structures in plant cell walls prevent carbohydrates from being degraded by microbial enzymes. Better screening quality of biomass and enzyme performance in bioindustry will lead to lower production costs, better exploitation of known biomass energy sources and faster identification of potential new biomass types as energy sources.

That is with what we are concerned here in GlycoSpot and, with ambitions to solve problems related to enzyme screening, we have developed a patented range of new true-to-nature substrates for screening of carbohydrate-active enzymes. Upon digestion with enzymes which degrade the biopolymer(s), GlycoSpot substrates release soluble dyed fragments into the incubation solution producing a colored supernatant. Results can be read by visual inspection or quantified in a standard tray spectrometer.

After the 25th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition in Stockholm, we are looking forward to seeing how this innovative technology helps with biomass pre-treatment optimization for a more cost-effective degradation!

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