Understanding Brewers’ Malt in Detail

105th VLB October Convention 2018

The quality of malt is at the very core of the brewing process. It is all about the right variety of barley, the correct malting process and finally the right ratio of malt types and origins in your recipe.

At the VLB October Conference in Berlin, we enjoyed a lively exchange of know-how with brewers and maltsters on the topic. Amidst the discussions about the importance of beer heritage, challenges in agriculture and supply chain risks – our radically simplified approach to malt analysis turned out to be the perfect solution.

In a few simple steps, using the latest technology from GlycoSpot, malt can now be analyzed for its natural activity on alpha, beta-amylase and limit dextrinase. The results are read out to an app on a mobile phone.

Could it be any easier?

To those who attended, thank you for visiting us at our booth and the nice feedback we received. See you again next year!