Step by step tutorial for Beta amylase assay for Malt

Malt houses assess a broad range of quality parameters to ensure high malt quality. Some of these measurements are fairly simple to conduct whereas others, like enzyme quantification, are more complex analyses. However, the complexity and time of internal testing sometimes outweigh the desired benefits, which forces malt houses to use costly external laboratories for QC – but waiting 2 weeks for results is in most cases, not a viable solution. This is about to change!

The GlycoSpot method

With our GlycoSpot method, the goal is to change this perception of malt QC to something fast, cheap, and easy. GlycoSpot has spent years developing a new test method for amylase activity that is fast to implement and easy to use. This tutorial follows the testing process, step by step, and it offers a most welcomed alternative to current test methods, that tend to be cumbersome and require high skilled people to conduct them.
In malt, and especially in distilling malt, amylase activities are quality defining.

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