Where do we stand?

IFBM ring trial values and Glycospot’s contribution.

Quality control in food production.

Quality control in food production is not only about rectifying defects in finished products. Key parameters that define the performance of food raw materials, like the amylase activity in malted barley, are of great importance to malthouses, breweries and distilleries. At GlycoSpot, we have developed a range of malt specific amylase test methods, that set a new standard for ease of use in the laboratory. Ease of use is great as it contributes to a better working environment, but we are well aware that content rules. In this case, content equals method accuracy and standard variation.
GlycoSpot takes great pride in attending international ring trials. In the past we have done this occasionally but going forward we will join the monthly ring trials organized by IFBM, MAPS and VLB around Europe. In fact, we already started in May with IFBM. Here, we analyzed 6 historical malt reference samples for both Diastatic Power and alpha amylase and also took part in the May ring trials.

GlycoSpot is spot on.

The results confirmed, what we already knew. We understand content and deliver highly accurate measurements.

In the May trials, Glycospot was only 10 °WK from the mean result of the ring trial of 396 °WK with a 40 °WK tolerance threshold. When ranked by the statistical parameter Z-score (the difference between a data point and the mean result), GlycoSpot ranked 8th out of 24 for sample A and 4th out of 24 for sample B.

This was further underlined by analysis of the 6 historical reference samples as represented in the inserted graph. Going forward, we will on a monthly base post the results we obtain in ring trials of both Diastatic Power and a-amylase. We do this because we have high confidence in our test methods – and we are proud of it.


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