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Many industry sectors are increasingly reliant on enzymes, but screening their activities is time consuming. GlycoSpot™ technology simplifies this process to a 3-step procedure.

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Our core competence lies within providing our customers with tailor-made solutions, so challenge us: we can make substrates out of almost anything!

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Every screening kit is accompanied by quality assurance information providing a reference point. Our technology is a result of extensive research conducted at the University of Copenhagen and the Technical University of Denmark.

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Save time and production cost

Accurate and detailed information about enzyme activities helps industries optimize raw material treatments, avoid prolonged processing time, reduce waste and improve output and stability.

Enzymes are everywhere

Industries including energy, biorefining, pharma, food, feed and materials are increasingly using enzymes to help reduce the cost, waste and environmental impact of production whilst improving end products.

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Enzymes & Ingredients

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Biomass Energy

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Food & Beverage

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Cosmetics & Detergents

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Feed & Agriculture

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Research Institutions

Our lab at your service

We invite you to use our lab facilities to perform in-house screening.

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