Novel Analytical Tools

Brewing Summit 2018

Lately, GlycoSpot is buzzing with work. And usually, all the innovation and development happen behind closed doors. So, you can imagine the excitement when the ideas became a product, ready to be shown.

Brewing Summit was the place where we got the first impressions and extremely positive customer feedback for our new product the BrewersDreamTM kit. This kit combines the analysis of the three main starch degrading enzymes (alpha-amylase, beta-amylase & limit dextrinase) in one assay and the result is achieved within half of a day. Screening enzyme activities have never been easier!

In addition to this, our novel BrewersDreamTM Analyser was presented for the first time! It is a device for a quick, on-the-spot analysis. It is based on a simple working principle: the homogenized raw material is added to the substrate, incubated, the colored reaction product transferred into a cuvette and analyzed with a portable spectrophotometer controlled via a mobile phone. The received data can be easily converted into any desired unit.

These two new products were well received at the Brewing Summit in San Diego. Great feedback and interest in customization options. We are happy to get back to work and customize our products to the needs of our customers. 

If you have not been at the conference and have not had an option to meet us,  feel free to contact us at or on the social media. We are more than happy to discuss enzyme activity screening possibilities!


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