About Us

GlycoSpot is an industrial biotechnology company specializing in the development, production, and distribution of ready-to-use enzyme activity screening tools.

The development of the chromogenic substrate and the assay technology started as a research project at the University of Copenhagen in 2012.

We aimed at developing a high-throughput assay for initial enzyme screenings. In December 2014 we founded GlycoSpot and took the technology to a real start-up environment. Since then we have been continuously growing.

Our Team

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M.B.A. Thomas Lacentra

Chief Executive Officer

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Dr. Julia Schückel

Senior Science Manager

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Dr. Stjepan K. Kračun

Senior Innovation Manager

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M.Sc. Michael Bruno Spandern

Commercial Director

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PhD. Troels Balmer Christensen

Technical Director

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M.Sc. Aušra Marčiuškaitė

Commercial Project Manager

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M.Sc. Laura Gaurás

Research Scientist

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Robert Bayer

Web Developer

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B.Sc. Anna Caroline Nørregaard

Junior Scientist

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B.Sc. Periklis Aravoglou

Junior Scientist

Executive Board

Strategic management is ensured by a board of directors. Ours consists of experts with high-level competencies within scientific research, commercial experience, and extensive knowledge within establishment and scaling of start-ups.

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Ole Kring

Co-founder, Chairman of the Board, CEO of Zoetis Denmark

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Mads Hartvig Clausen

Board member, co-inventor, co-founder, Professor at DTU.

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Anders H. Jensen

Investment Manager, CAPNOVA representative

Advisory Board

William G.T. Willats

Co-inventor and co-founder.

W. Willats is an expert in plant cell wall glycobiology incl. plant polysaccharides, glycosyl hydrolase enzymes, biomass, and functional foods. He has published numerous highly cited papers in this area. He is also a pioneer in the field of carbohydrate microarrays and was one of the first to develop this technology in 2002.