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This product consists of predefined 16 substrates (no choice of the substrate or color). The kit is intended to serve people who want to discover what kind of enzymes are in their product. They want to test their samples on a lot of substrates and figure out, what works.
30 min hands-on time
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Row and column Purified Biopolymer Substrates Product Code Source Biomolecule Subtype Isolated From Biomolecule Type
A 1-6 2-Hydroxyethylcellulose (2HE cellulose) CPH0001 N/A CELLULOSE PLANT POLYSACCHARIDE
B 7-12 Amylopectin CPH0017 potato STARCH
C 7-12 Amylose CPH0018 potato
G 7-12 Galactomannan CPH0012 carob HEMICELLULOSE
D 7-12 Xylan CPH0010 beechwood
A 7-12 Xyloglucan CPH0002 tamarind
B 1-6 β-glucan from barley CPH0003 barley
C 1-6 β-glucan from yeast CPH0005 yeast
E 7-12 Arabinan CPH0013 sugar beet
F 7-12 Pectic galactan CPH0014 potato PECTIN
H 7-12 Rhamnogalacturonan CPH0015 soy bean OTHER
H 1-6 Chitosan CPH0020 crab shells
D 1-6 Curdlan CPH0009 Alcaligenes faecalis
G 1-6 Dextran CPH0016 Leuconostoc spp.
E 1-6 Pachyman CPH0007 Poria cocos
F 1-6 Pullulan CPH0008 Aureobasidium pullulans
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Assay kit format
96-well plate
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All GlycoSpot™ kits come with an information sheet that contains QC information with detailed measurements of absorbances of all substrates after controlled degradation with positive controls.
Find out more about Assay Kit Technology, Available Substrates or anything else you need about the subject, please visit the What We Do section.
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