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Published: 25-01-2017

New Product!

New ICB-citrus peel substrate from GlycoSpot

How do you measure pectin-degrading enzymes? We use the new ICB-citrus peel high-throughput enzyme screening kit from GlycoSpot Pectins are important components in many industries, especially ...

Category: GlycoSpot News

Published: 25-01-2017

New Funding!

GlycoSpot receives 6 million DKK grant from EUDP

EUDP (Energiteknologiske Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram) has funded a GlycoSpot project for development of chromogenic true-to-nature biomass substrates with the aim of improving production of r ...

Category: GlycoSpot News

Published: 16-01-2017

Enzymatic activity is always present in food production

8th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis

Enzymatic activity is always present in food production and causes various issues. Raw material harvest variation can influence flour quality in baking and phase separation in juice production. Enzyme ...

Category: GlycoSpot News

Published: 07-12-2016

New product!

New chromogenic keratin substrate for enzyme screening

Can you degrade your keratin-containing animal waste using enzymes? Do you know the optimal enzyme cocktail recipe, when degrading animal waste? The new Keratin verde high-throughput enzyme scre ...

Category: GlycoSpot News

Published: 29-11-2016

New product for enzyme screening!

New chromogenic CMC substrate from GlycoSpot

Will your food product remain stable after you add your CMC stabilizer? Find out right away using the high-throughput CMC assay kit from GlycoSpot CMC has many uses as a stabilizer, thickenin ...

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