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Published: 17-10-2018

Understanding Brewers’ Malt in Detail

105th VLB October Convention 2018

The quality of malt is at the very core of the brewing process. It is all about the right variety of barley, the correct malting process and finally the right ratio of malt types and origins in your r ...

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Published: 04-09-2018

Build your own lab?! – Challenge accepted

Come visit us!

We love our Copenhagen University facilities, however, over the last years, we grew substantially. Our production was upgraded with new equipment and we started to offer services such as analyzing sam ...

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Published: 24-08-2018

Novel Analytical Tools

Brewing Summit 2018

Lately, GlycoSpot is buzzing with work. And usually, all the innovation and development happen behind closed doors. So, you can imagine the excitement when the ideas became a product, ready to be show ...