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Published: 24-07-2018

Unleashing the Power of Enzymes

IFT ’18 in Chicago

Traveling is always exciting, but traveling to see the latest research, innovation and meet their creators is absolutely exhilarating. A week ago, the GlycoSpot team set out for the second time to ...

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Published: 18-06-2018

GlycoSpot Technology Has Been Published in the Book

"Cellulases: Methods and Protocols" Chapter 15

GlycoSpot technology has been published in the book "Cellulases: Methods and Protocols". It is part of the Methods in Molecular Biology series, edited by professor Mette Lübeck and published by Sprin ...

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Published: 08-06-2018

Let me introduce you to MaltSTAR!

It is available in app stores

MaltSTAR from GlycoSpot is an app allowing quick and convenient interconversion between commonly used units for α- and β-amylase and limit-dextrinase in ...

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Published: 28-05-2018

Recent Developments in the Bakery Industry

4th International Bakery Conference at Campden BRI

International Bakery Conference at Campten BRI brought together all parts of the bakery industry, from wheat and ingredient suppliers, bakeries, equipment manufacturers, trough to retailers and compan ...

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Published: 22-05-2018

The World of Biomass

26th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition

The EUBCE is the leading platform for the collection, exchange and dissemination of scientific and industrial knowledge in the field of biomass.Our project "Development of chromogenic true-to-nature b ...

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Published: 12-02-2018

From Experts to Experts

PRAXISforum Enzymes for Industrial Applications

It is always different in a positive way when you are participating in a meeting for the 2nd time. Reconnecting with people and follow-ups on discussions and projects. This is one of the most well- ...

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Published: 08-12-2017

Fluctuating quality of raw materials presents challenges

The Danish Market Development Fund is supporting GlycoSpot

GlycoSpot offers enzyme screening solutions that provide the food industry with valuable information about the current levels of enzyme activity in raw materials. This kn ...

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Published: 17-10-2017

Enzymes play an important role in the beer industry

104th VLB Convention in Berlin

Mid October, the GlycoSpot team went to the International Congress for the Brewing and Beverage Industry in Berlin. We are helping malt houses and breweries to analyze their endogenous enzyme activiti ...

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Published: 13-10-2017

To collaborate, to learn, and to innovate!

Cereals ’17 in San Diego

The AACCI Annual Meeting is the place to collaborate, to learn, and innovate with the brightest in the grain-based foods industry! This targeted event draws a worldwide audience from industry, academi ...

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Published: 18-09-2017

76,000 visitors!

drinktec World’s Leading Trade Fair for Beverage and Liquid Food Industry

Manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world, big and small, meet up at the most important event of the beverage industry – drinktec. It is said that the future is shaped at drinktec and Glyc ...

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