High-Throughput Screening

BrewersDream for barley malt

Starch-degrading enzymes in barley malt play a pivotal role in the brewing process, especially with regard to their potential in generating fermentable sugars.

Alpha-amylase and beta-amylase are considered the most important enzymes to measure and are routinely measured in a number of ways as part of barley malt production and process optimization.

However, their measurement, as it’s currently performed, is not user-friendly in terms of assay preparation, throughput nor in accuracy. 

Additionally, because of a very long assay time or just lack of an assay – measurement of limit-dextrinase, an important starch-debranching enzyme – is frequently neglected.

GlycoSpot presents – Brewer’s Dream – a 3-in-1 solution for all 3 enzyme activities (alpha-, beta-amylase and limit dextrinase) in a high-throughput 96-well plate format with all reagents included in the kit.

  • Capacity of analyzing up to 31 samples at once in 
  • 2 hours of total assay time for 
  • 3 enzyme activities simultaneously and 
  • with an online solution for data processing and unit conversion as part of the kit:

Brewer’s Dream is the only enzyme assay for barley malt you will ever need!


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