GlycoSpot Technology Has Been Published in the Book

"Cellulases: Methods and Protocols" Chapter 15

GlycoSpot technology has been published in the book "Cellulases: Methods and Protocols". It is part of the Methods in Molecular Biology series, edited by professor Mette Lübeck and published by Springer International Publishing.

In Chapter 15, titled "Two-Dimensional High-Throughput Endo-Enzyme Screening Assays Based on Chromogenic Polysaccharide Hydrogel and Complex Biomass Substrates" you can find out more about how our substrates can be used for high-throughput evaluation of endo-enzyme performance on both purified and complex biomaterials such as biomass to ensure their optimal performance for bioindustry and other applications.

The chapter also includes a practical step-by-step protocol with detailed application notes.

The ebook is now available for purchase from Springer:

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