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Our technology platform is built upon a highly scientific foundation. By combining our understanding of the applications, we serve and the underlying biochemistry we came up with a very simple, yet highly reliable system for quantifying enzymatic activities.

The technology consists of four elements.
The first element is at the very core of our platform. Here you will find the SIRIUS Spectrophotomer. The SIRIUS is portable, fast and connects easily to any smart device via Bluetooth. Across our different test methods, the SIRIUS stays the same.



This shift in absorbance can be detected using the SIRIUS spectrophotometer taking us to the second element of our technology platform; the Glycospot app. Once the absorbances are read by the SIRIUS, data is crunched by the Glycospot app and converted to recognized enzymatic activity units by underlying calibration models. Last but not least, all data is automatically backed up in a cloud database for further data analysis and integration with LIMS systems or data lakes.



The GlycoSpot Cloud Database automatically stores all measurements and is easily accessible with personalized logins. We help the traditional laboratory to reduce the waste of lost data by offering a digital solution in the cloud. Keep track of your raw data with timestamp, location, customizable columns, and much more. It is ready to be integrated with exciting LIMS systems and/or data lakes with relevant meta data. We enable big data and want you to take advantage of it.



The fourth element in our technology is our ability to produce quick and simple test kits based on enzyme substrates with integrated color. The substrate is the component that is being digested by the enzymes – Often depicted like the 1980’s arcade game Pac-Man.

It is these highly specialized substrates and the surrounding chemistry that enables measurements of high accuracy across different types of enzymes such as amylases, proteases and lipases in many different applications. When the enzyme digests the colored substrate, a dye is released, and the absorbance increases proportionally to the enzymatic activity.


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