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The GlycoSpot Platform

GlycoSpot provides complete test kits for α-, β-amylase and DP with an easy step-by-step protocol that allows you to perform accurate quality control faster than ever. We call it the GlycoSpot Platform and it consists of four elements:

SIRIUS Spectrophotometer, GlycoSpot App, Cloud Database & Test kit.

SIRIUS Spectrophotometer

We have spent years developing a spectrophotometer that fits any environment and situation; thus SIRIUS was born and is now the core of the GlycoSpot Platform.

  • Wireless
  • Portable
  • Fast
  • Application-Specific
  • Always Up-to-date and calibrated
  • Fits in your pocket
The GlycoSpot App

We have created apps that support our ideology of simplicity. They are application-specific and are available on both Google Play and App Store.

  • Fully integrated system
  • Saves results automatically
  • International recognized units
  • Sample ID
  • Dedicated Support
  • Fast results

GlycoSpot Cloud Database

The GlycoSpot Cloud Database automatically stores all measurements and is easily accessible with personalized logins.

  • Track raw data
  • Time stamp
  • Location
  • LIMS system integration
  • Data lakes
  • Reduces waste of lost data
Test Kits

Quantifying enzymatic activity does not have to be complicated and time consuming. We have developed simple, yet highly reliable test kits.

  • Specialized substrates with integrated color
  • Premeasured chemicals
  • Easy step-by-step protocol
  • Simple and reliable
  • No lab training required
  • Application-specific

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Small, compact and easy to use

We are very happy with the short overall analysis time for standard malts, and there is no extended extraction process required, unlike current ASBC method. Ready to use straight out of the box, no extra chemicals or reagents are required to be made up, hence fewer risks posed to staff members through handling of hazardous chemicals. Results are very comparable to our current method.

Roland Fleming

Laboratory Supervisor - Simpsons Malt - Great Britain

Rapid and precise!

The values obtained by using the GlycoSpot method were in the range of ±5 WK, which is better than the repeatability r95, as given by ANALYTICA EBC.
We have decided to use this method in our routine laboratory. As the method is easy to handle, rapid and precise, we will replace the existing method and will also enhance the frequency of analytical checks.

Winfried Manke

Quality Director - Avangard Malz - Germany

Testing more than ever!

Durst Malz was founded in 1824 in Heidelsheim near Bruchsal. Today Durst Malz, with its 3 locations in Germany, has an annual capacity of 200.000 tons of malt. We produce many types of malt for breweries in Germany and the whole world. Our aim is to produce malt with the highest quality. For the diastatic power we used the traditional malt test methods but after trialing the SIRIUS and the GlycoSpot platform, we are happy. The ease of use and simplicity behind the method is unmatched. The GlycoSpot method saves time and we can test more in the same time. Now Durst Malz is using GlycoSpot´s test method for barley malt, beta amylase, as the main method and we have fully integrated it in our process. The repeatability is very good and we recommend the GlycoSpot method 100%!

Markus Weiss

Head of Laboratory - Durst Malz - Germany


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