Available Substrates

Available Substrates

We specialize in two different and unique ways of measuring enzyme activity: on purified biopolymer substrates and on complex biomaterial substrates. We produce enzyme substrates from our own stock or from customers’ own material.

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Purified Biopolymer

Purified biopolymer substrates are substrates synthesized from pure polysaccharides and proteins. They are chemically dyed and cross-linked rendering them insoluble and chromogenic. These substrates can be made in a minimum of four colors (red, yellow, green, and blue). They are optimized for application in a high-throughput format for quick, easy, and cost-effective handling, and they have a wide temperature and pH tolerance.

Purified Biopolymer Substrates Product Code Source Biomolecule Subtype Isolated From Biomolecule Type
(2HE cellulose)
Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) CPH0021 N/A
Filter paper ICB0006 N/A
Amylopectin CPH0017 potato STARCH
Amylose CPH0018 potato
Arabinoxylan CPH0011 wheat HEMICELLULOSE
Galactomannan CPH0012 carob
Lichenan CPH0006 Icelandic moss
Xylan CPH0010 beechwood
Xyloglucan CPH0002 tamarind
β-glucan from barley CPH0003 barley
β-glucan from oat CPH0004 oat
Glucomannan CPH0023 konjac
Arabinan CPH0013 sugar beet PECTIN
Pectic galactan CPH0014 potato
Citrus peel ICB0008 citrus
Rhamnogalacturonan CPH0015 soy bean
Chitosan CPH0020 crab shells   Other
β-glucan from yeast CPH0005 yeast
Curdlan CPH0009 Alcaligenes faecalis
Dextran CPH0016 Leuconostoc spp.
Pachyman CPH0007 Poria cocos
Pullulan CPH0008 Aureobasidium pullulans
Casein CPH0019 bovine milk PROTEIN
Wheat gluten CPH0024 wheat
Keratin verde ICB0007 sheep wool
Collagen CPH0025 bovine


Complex Biomaterial

These substrates are synthesized from the complex biological material and maintain a high level of similarity with the original material, chemically and physically. Hence, they provide:

  • Information about substrate availability within the complex polymer mixtures typically encountered by enzymes in industrial context.
  • A highly realistic impression of enzyme activity towards the complex biomass substrates.


Complex Biomaterial Substrate Product Code Source
Sugarcane bagasse ICB0002 COMPLEX BIOMATERIAL
Spruce ICB0005
Willow ICB0004



Save your time and production cost by replacing old empirical methods with a modern and reliable way of analysis.

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