Assay Kit Formats

We offer our substrates in a range of different assay kit formats to suit the customers’ needs, preferred workflows and equipment available.

assay kit 96-well plate format


96 samples at a time

Our 96-well filter plate assay kit enables high-throughput analysis of 96 samples at a time.
If substrates with different colors (yellow, red, blue and green) are combined in the same well, that effectively enables analysis of 288 samples in one plate.

To use this format your facilities must include:

  • a centrifuge or vacuum manifold for filtering the 96-well filter microtiter plates.
  • an 96-well plate absorbance reader (for example spectrophotometer) to quantify the result.

96-well quick start guide


Fewer samples to analyse

Use our filter vial assay kit format if you do not have many samples to analyse.
It enables you to validate enzyme activity by visual inspection or measure by using less expensive and less cumbersome equipment (smaller absorbance readers).

To use this format your facilities must include:

  • shaker
  • absorbance reader

Filter vials quick start guide

assay kit 96-well plate format
GlycoSpot shop info

All GlycoSpot™ kits come with an information sheet that contains QC information with detailed measurements of absorbances of all substrates after controlled degradation with positive controls.

Our lab at Your service

If you do not have this equipment to use these screening kits, please contact us as we can also do the analysis for you.

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